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Virtual Consultations: Tips for Using Visionable at Home

White woman working from home

Download the desktop application

You probably already have Visionable installed on your work laptop or desktop. But if you need to download the client again to your home device, it’s really simple.

After logging in to the Virtual Consultation Platform in your browser, simply click ‘Download Latest Client’. Follow the simple steps to download then simply log in with your existing username and password.

Set up your consultation room

Working from home can still feel a little strange, even if it’s something we now find ourselves doing on a regular basis. Set up your workstation to feel like a working environment – in a private room away from distractions and unnecessary interruptions. These steps will make sure the patient feels the same professionalism they would experience in your clinic.


Test your connection

It’s a good idea to test out your internet connection from home, before you begin joining calls. You can check your speed and latency on any speed checker, such as


To make your connection even stronger and reduce any lagging issues, we recommend using an ethernet cable where possible, so that there is no risk of connection loss on WiFi.


Adjust your audio

There’s nothing worse than joining a call and trying to figure out if it’s your microphone/speaker that isn’t working or if it’s the other attendee. To avoid this unhelpful start to a consultation, test your audio beforehand to make sure you can hear clearly and that you can be heard. Using a headset is the easiest way to ensure an optimal audio environment.


We recommend joining your first appointment of the day a little early, so you can check you’re all set up and ready to go. You can also check your settings at any time in the Visionable Platform under the ‘Settings’ tab. Simply click the drop down to select your microphone and speaker.



Webcam setup

When using a webcam for your video calls, make sure it’s set up in the centre of the display area and at eye level – so your patients can see you clearly. You can use one that is inbuilt into your computer or attach a separate webcam or PTZ camera. To choose the camera you wish to display, go to Settings in your Visionable desktop app and select Video. Changing the image quality could have an impact on your connection – so it may be best to start with ‘Medium CIF’ before trying ‘Large VGA’.

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