Case Studies

See how Visionable is changing the way clinicians deliver patient care. One team at a time.

East of England celebrates ten-years of better stroke care with Visionable

The East of England Stroke Telemedicine Partnership has been delivering consultant expertise to the bedside of stroke patients for a decade and has a lot to teach NHS services looking to implement remote services post-Covid.

Connect keeps patients in touch with loved ones during Covid-19

As Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust prepared for coronavirus ‘lockdown’, chief digital and partnerships officer David Walliker was concerned that patients were going to miss vital visits from family and friends. A tablet loaded with the Visionable:Connect video calling app put them back in touch.

Improving patient outcomes using video appointments


In 2018, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust received start-up funding from the Health System Led Investment Fund to deliver video appointments. After a detailed procurement process, Visionable were selected as a suitable supplier.

Paramedic Stroke Mimic Telemedicine Project

The Paramedic Stroke Mimic Telemedicine Project was initially established to explore the use of videoconferencing technology to support registered paramedics from the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST) in their pre-hospital assessment of suspected stroke mimic patients.

Virtual stroke diagnosis and treatment


In the United Kingdom, stroke care accounts for 3-5% of all healthcare spending, and acute stroke is the third leading cause of years of life lost and disability-adjusted life years. While the severity of stroke varies from person to person, when stroke patients receive timely diagnoses…

Better Clinical Decisions Through Innovative Communication


North West London Cancer Network (NWLCN) hospitals treat thousands of patients each year, across a variety of cancer pathways – including head and neck, breast, urology and lung cancer. Throughout the 10 hospitals in the network, clinicians regularly gather in Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings…