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Visionable is reimagining health and social care for an increasingly digitally connected future. Our aim is to bring together every aspect of healthcare, ensuring professionals and individuals have access to all the information they need for a better patient outcome and also to address the issue of fragmented health systems. It’s connected health in action.

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We work with SameYou rebalance current inequality in recovery service for brain injury survivors. 

Transforming clinical pathways: NHS East England Stroke Telemedicine Partnership

Our work with the NHS East England Stroke Telemedicine Partnership to create a solution for the Integrated Stroke Delivery Network has made real changes to patient outcomes. This solution enables emergency departments (ED) to connect patients with critical expertise when and where they need it. It allows health and social care teams to work more efficiently, reducing door-to-needle (DTN) time. Patients receive faster, better treatment because the stroke specialist comes directly to them. They are likely to spend less time in the hospital, often with faster recovery times, and with reduced chances of lifelong physical, cognitive and mental disabilities.

Before Visionable 


Of stroke patients in the region administered with thrombolysis

*NHS East of England, 2010 

With Visionable 


Of stroke patients (from 4,599 that were assessed via the telemedicine service) administered with thrombolysis

* NHS East of England, 2021

17 days


2 days*

duration of hospital stays

NHS saving of

£400 per day

*NHS East of England, 2010 to 2020

£19.2 million

Savings on reduced patient admissions since 2010*

*NHS East of England, 2020

Improving patient outcomes using video appointments: Southern Health

Visionable has partnered with Southern Health to develop the Virtual Consultation Platform, a unique application for managing patient consultations. The platform has provided a safe and secure way to deliver clinical care to the patient in the safety of their home as well as in Children’s Services – Health Visiting and School Nursing, italk, the Primary Care Psychology Service, Continence Service, Physio and Perinatal Services. Using Visionable, Southern Health have reduced Did Not Attend (DNA) rates and increased patient facing activity, saving both patients and clinicians’ valuable time and money.

Since implementing Visionable, Did Not Attend Rates have reduced from


in Jan-March 2019



in Jan-March 2020

With an average cost of


for each appointment

this has led to a significant cost saving for the Trust.

Connecting patients with loved ones during Covid-19: Oxford University NHS Foundation Trust

As the coronavirus swept across England, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust needed a way for patients to remain in contact with their loved ones whilst in lockdown. Visionable partnered with WifiSpark to deliver a simple digital healthcare solution. The Visionable Connect video calling app was downloaded onto 246 tablets to enable professionals to support patients without having to visit their bedside and allow patients to make calls from intensive care to say goodbye to loved ones as well as enabling children in hospital to access educational materials.

Visionable Connect is also being used by Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust, and Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust.

Connect usage to date


Virtual visits




Hours of time

Improving access, quality and cost of healthcare services for detained patients: HMPPS

Visionable has been fully approved by Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service’s IT Management and Security team to deliver telemedicine consultations in its facilities.

The secure, encrypted version of Visionable links each of its prisons to local hospitals, allowing them to reduce the number of physical hospital visits made by prisoners.

Visionable is being used in


prisons and young offenders’ institutes


secure children’s homes


immigration centres

Estimated Cost Saving (per visit)


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One of only two UK companies approved for patient consultations in secure settings/prisons

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25% of the top 100 UK hospitals

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144 secure clinical settings including prisons, children’s homes and immigration centres

Over 16,000 NHS staff members

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