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7 Tips for Staying Productive Whilst Working From Home

Get a good morning routine going

Establish a solid morning routine! Working from home might seem simple and easy to just roll out of bed and onto your computer or laptop, but that can get old real quick, especially if you have early morning meetings or tight deadlines. To maximise your time, get a routine in place. Try to get up when your alarm goes off, eat breakfast, set out your tasks for the day in a notebook so that you know what your priorities are, and don’t overdo it on the coffee!

Take regular breaks

Often when working at a desk and computer, you’ll end up sitting for long periods of time and it becomes so easy to forget to stand up and walk around. Sitting and staring at a screen can tire your eyes and your mind so it’s important to take regular breaks. If you can, go for a walk during your lunchbreak to change the pace of the day and to refresh your mind so that you’re not overexerting yourself and falling behind on work.

Move around – don’t just sit at your desk!

Getting regular exercise is vital for good health and not just for the physical, but the psychological – especially if you’re sitting at a desk all day. If you’re not a 60 minute workout type, break it up into little chunks like going for a walk before you logon to your laptop, or perhaps go for a run after work or a ten minute cardio before you take a shower in the morning. Exercise can help you release stress and concentrate better.

Eat healthy!

Having healthy balanced meals keep your body healthy and your mind focused. Working from home has opened up a lot of opportunity to just order in your favourite takeaway for lunch but overdoing it or reaching for heavy or even salty snacks can wreak havoc on your ability to focus. Choose healthier options like nuts and seeds to snack on and make your lunches the night before to avoid loading up on unhealthy snacks.

Create a dedicated space for your work

It’s important not to let work spill over into your personal and private spaces. Keeping a dedicated space just for your work will make it easier to focus on the tasks ahead of you. If you have a desk, use it! If you only have your kitchen table and a laptop, keep your laptop, notebooks and charger in one place and work from there and try to minimise distractions where you can.

Communicate with your colleagues

Working from home can become isolating at times and making sure to check in with your co-workers and stay updated can help ground you and create a stronger feeling of community. Communication is key to creating stronger working relationships and earning trust.

Switch-off after work

Once it reaches 5pm or whenever you clock-out, get up and move away from your desk. Add something into your routine that signals the end of the working day like making a cup of tea, going out to your garden or balcony if you have one, or turning on some music. Once your work day is done, its your time and it’s important to maintain that boundary, leave work at the ‘shut-down’ button.

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