Goodbye summer, hello autumn!

Autumn has arrived! The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Now,
usually around this time of year, whilst we’re sad to say goodbye to the warm, sun filled days
and chilled, laid back evenings, many of us find comfort in the spiced pumpkin scents of
October and the mulled aromas and glittery lights of Christmas. But this year is different.
Since the outbreak of Covid-19, not knowing what’s coming next has caused a wave of
anxiety amongst the population. Whilst it is hard to know which way to turn next, there are
some things you can do to help ease the worry.

Keep in contact with your friends and family

Owing to the restrictions put it place, it might mean you can no longer see them in person
which may cause a lot of stress, worry and feelings of isolation. Now, whilst there’s no real
substitute for being in the physical presence of your loved ones, using the current technology
at your finger-tips can help you stay in contact, even if it’s only virtual for now. Pick up the
phone and have a good old fashioned chat, text each other, video call each other – keep up the
contact! And if you’re one of those people who just prefers your own company or just that of
your pets, set some time aside for just you and/or your beloved pet.

Nature is your friend

If you can, get outside – this is especially important for those who work from home or do
evening/night shifts. During the colder months, and especially now, it can be tough on your
physical and mental health to spend so much time indoors. Humans are made to be in nature
and going out for long walks or even a run during the daylight hours can do wonders for your
overall health.

Food matters

Now, comfort food is the best food! But don’t reach for the junk. Having said that, it’s that
time for all things gingerbread and cinnamon, so it’s completely fine if you want to indulge in
the wonders of the season – just don’t over-do it. Now more than ever it’s important to
maintain your health. Go for the hearty stews with lots of veg, or buy a slow cooker and let it
fill the house with the smell of delicious cooking! (but don’t put it on and leave the house –
that’s a fire risk!).

Get organized

Ok, so keeping a diary or list of things you need to do can be horrendously boring. But, if you
know when you need to go shopping (and what’s foods you have already), when and what
tomorrow’s meetings are about, or even keeping note of which bus routes have changed, can
really help you feel more prepared and in control.
Your indoor environment matters
Making your environment as comforting as possible can help you feel more secure and
grounded and minimize the feelings of chaos around you. If you live in a city apartment and
are pressed for space, try adding some colorful flowers to your dining table, or planting herbs
in pots and putting them on a windowsill. Whatever it is that makes you smile, fill your home
with it! – even if it’s something simple like buying a giant burrito blanket or galaxy night

Down time

Make time to switch-off completely. This could be a couple hours in the evening or a
Saturday or Sunday where you do nothing at all – whatever makes you feel most at peace and
happiest. Maybe it’s switching off the TV and doing some painting or other artwork, maybe
it’s watching your favourite movie, or reading a book or working out or just having a bubble
bath and a glass of wine. Whatever it is, making time for just you will help you relax and ease
your worries – even if it’s just for a couple hours, it makes all the difference.

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