Control & operation centres

Unique digital capabilities that mobilise your remote workforce

Visionable provides unique capabilities and an intuitive interface for clear communication, contact management, call distribution and real-time, personalised experience. 
Bring together the right people, information and live video feeds simultaneously, at the optimum time, regardless of location.



Advanced collaboration via multiple, independent streams of data


Improved situational awareness by connecting all types of devices & cameras

Cam & mic

Clear audio and high-quality images communication with no compression

Zoom in (1)

Ability to zoom in for a detailed view for critical decision-making

Optimised connectivity to support rural and urban locations

Mobilise your workforce and relieve pressure

Medical record

Enable advanced triage in healthcare settings

Use cases

UK ambulance service

Connecting first responders and emergency vehicles with remote clinical support during critical emergencies.


Supporting fire services by helping to keep teams safe and informed so they can respond to emergencies faster.

ambulance et3 model


Connecting EMTs with remote ER physicians to deliver the best possible patient-centered care.

Care Homes

Taking pressure off care teams so that they can focus on the care of their residents.


Maintaining clear communication between military units and joint task forces.