The next evolution of firefighting

Keep teams safe and informed so they can respond to emergencies faster

Our Connected Emergency Services solution supports fire services by helping to keep teams safe and informed so they can respond to emergencies faster.

How it works

Prevent and protect

Educating and engaging with the community to prevent fires has never been more critical. Virtual safeguarding, audits and follow-ups mean you can encourage best practice to help prevent fires from starting.


Getting eyes on the scene through footage from the public, bodycams, drones, and shared building schematics or maps of the area provides a full 360-degree visual of the incident to enable an efficient and effective emergency response. 


Coordinating a thorough recovery effort to return the scene to normality requires communication with your whole team, wherever they are. Secure Multi-Agency conferencing and data sharing from any location enables collaboration across the whole team, regardless of location. 


Caller to control room audio visual

Drone & control unit live streaming


Connect & stream from any device device direct to appliance

Secure multi-agency conferencing and data sharing


Multiple feed sharing to support Major Incident & JESIP


Facilitate engagement with the community


Conduct virtual audits & follow ups