ET3-ready Connected Emergency Services solution

Bring together the right people, information and live video feeds simultaneously, at the right time, regardless of location.

Connecting EMTs with remote ER physicians for on-scene triage, enhanced situational awareness and increased efficiency to deliver the best possible patient-centered care. 

How we can support you


Better ROI

Save money by reducing unnecessary ambulance dispatches while providing the best patient care

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360° view of patient’s health

Simultaneously share and receive medical device data, patient records and live video

Reduce workforce stress and burnout

Provide remote support to EMTs

Save valuable resource

Reduce unnecessary ambulance dispatches to save time and money

Citizen Assistance

Connect citizens to specialists for mental health cases that may not require an ambulance to be dispatched

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Pull patient records with ease

EHR integration provides patient records at your fingertips, enabling quicker decisions based on their medical history

Deliver accessible care to all

Same level of quality access to specialists in both rural and urban areas

Improve workforce efficiency

Reduce unnecessary delays and speed up ER handover

How it works

Hover over each component for more information:

1. When an incident occurs

“See what I see” technology connects those at the scene of an emergency to share live video feeds with remote ER specialists to facilitate collaborative decision-making, getting patients the right care faster. 

2. EMTs at scene

With the click of a button, Visionable’s central platform, the Collaboration Hub, can be used to facilitate scene sharing, data integration and virtual user interaction to allow informed collaborative decisions to be made by the right people at the right time.

3. In the ambulance

Connected Vehicles can share and receive medical device information, patient care records and live video feeds with remote specialists for a full 360 degree view of the patients health.


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NHS East of England Ambulance Service reduces stroke mimic admissions by 87%

Download our case study to discover how Ipswich Hospital in the NHS East of England region is using complementary technologies Visionable and Brainomix to deliver complete solutions for stroke.