Working for a tech company… me?

I recently started working at Visionable.

“What is Visionable?” you might say

“A technology company” I would say

To which, anyone who knows me well would say “WHAT?”

You see one of my weaknesses in life, in fact my nemesis, is technology. I’m a complete and total disaster when it comes to operating anything from an iPhone to a laptop to most medical devices. So why on earth would I, a technophobe, be working for a technology company?

To balance my own self critic, let me tell you where my strengths lie. I am an expert in people, in healthcare and in communication. I have a particular interest in improving the health of those that have poor lifestyles and am interested in ways that we can improve access to healthcare for those that are subjected to the injustices of health inequalities. So why then, would somebody like me would be working for a technology company? 

You see the truth is that although Visionable is a technology company, it is a technology company that has people at the heart of its aims, mission, and ethics. Visionable provides unique video collaboration platforms which enable clinicians to communicate more efficiently, more effectively, and in a more timely manner which results in improvements in patient care, and especially those patients who would otherwise have reduced access to excellent care. So really, you see, Visionable and I are a perfect match.

It’s very clear to me now why we are a great match, but it took me a little while to really get my head around what Visionable is and what it does, so it wasn’t immediately apparent to me that this organisation was so well aligned with my own interests and values. The initial draw for me was the people behind Visionable. I mean the co-founders to be precise – Alan Lowe and Lord Victor Adebowale.

I have known Alan Lowe for a number of years after being introduced by a mutual friend, Wayne. Wayne and I were Gladiators together in the Sky reboot of the famous 90’s TV show (something to elaborate on in a later blog perhaps).

Anyway, Alan is the type of person who is very easy to suss out, wears his heart on his sleeve, says it as it is, pulls no punches, I’m out of proverbs! He’s a grafter, a force of will and determination, but most importantly his motivation, determination and drive come from a place of deep compassion and a desire to improve things for people.

I recently asked Alan “who is at the forefront of your mind when designing new Visionable tools, is it the hospital, the clinicians or the patients?”. I expected him to say the patients, as it’s always the patients, right? Well, it was refreshing to hear him answer that in fact it is the clinicians. He said “ I assume that the doctors, nurse, and paramedics that we work with are thinking about the patients, so our aim is to give clinicians the tools they require to enable them to provide the best care.”

Then there is Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, well where to start? What the impressive title doesn’t tell you is that Victor is one of the most down-to-earth, funny, kind and honest people that you could ever meet. He’s smart, eloquent and cares deeply about those in society that are often forgotten, but that need our kindness the most. Anyway that’s enough of an ego massage for Victor.

In a nutshell, just knowing that Victor is at the heart of this company provides me with firm assurance that our ‘mission’ is not just a written statement, but a true proposal, a genuine aim and one that the people at Visionable believe is possible to achieve.

“Visionable’s mission is to make healthcare more equitable and accessible for everyone on the planet.”

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