Transforming Healthcare – 5 Advantages of Using Visionable

Virtual collaboration tools comes in many shapes and sizes, but they doesn’t always meet the needs of the customer, particularly within a healthcare environment where fast, reliable and secure telehealth services are imperative for a smooth running hospital or GP practice. New technology needs to grow and transform the way we engage in our healthcare solutions rather than rely on conventional software. At Visionable, we’ve designed our software with the needs of the patient and clinician in mind.

Here are 5 advantages to using Visionable software:

Remote Consultations

With Visionable software, outpatient appointments – including GP appointments – can be conducted remotely and securely in a structured and timed manner. Remote consultations can mean low-income families and people with disabilities can see their doctor for their appointments without needing to worry about transportation – thereby reducing the number of missed appointments whilst providing quality care for all.

Supplementing existing clinical services

With Visionable’s Virtual Consultation Platform, you can provide consultations to patients wherever they are. Our virtual collaboration tools allows flexibility and control over how you offer consultations, offer services to patients out of hours and conduct consultations from anywhere with an internet connection.

Multidisciplinary Meetings

Now more than ever clinicians and healthcare professionals need a secure way to collaborate with each other. Geographical obstacles mean sometimes doctors and other healthcare professionals cannot collaborate efficiently. The Visionable MDT platform enables clinicians to set up structured meetings that can be attended by an unlimited number of participants, using the device of their choice. All the participants can be visible on screen at the same time and can share multiple computer images, such as PowerPoint presentations, and live audio and visual feeds, including high-quality imagery and pathology. Through Visionable, clinicians and healthcare professionals can share and collaborate without always needing to be in the office.

Increasing equality and equity in healthcare

Disadvantaged patients often struggle to receive timely healthcare. At Visionable we are passionate about reaching all patients regardless of their circumstances. With our software, families in remote places, patients with disabilities, and patients in prisons, can be seen by a clinician at the click of a button, so that no one misses their appointments no matter their financial or class status.

Connecting families

Patients in hospital are not always able to have family or friends visit either due to geographical restrictions or safety reasons. This means healthcare professionals need another way to unite patients with their loved ones. With Visionable, patients can see and speak directly to family and friends on an easy-to-use, secure device straight from a hospital bed or room, allowing patients to interact with those they hold dearest.

Visionable isn’t just a video conferencing platform, it’s a virtual collaboration tool to connect clinicians, patients and their families for a better future, and for better healthcare.

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