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Connected Healthcare Centre launch

Verizon Business and Visionable Open Center Dedicated to Accelerating Connected Healthcare

London, U.K. – Verizon Business and Visionable, a leading health technology company based in the U.K., supported by Juniper Networks and Capgemini, have opened a technology-led center dedicated to accelerating the adoption of connected healthcare technologies for patient-centric care. Based in Kent, U.K. the center offers visitors the opportunity to experience how technology is transforming the healthcare experience and the patient care-journey.

The center showcases new technologies, such as Verizon’s private 5G and AI-driven, secure networking capabilities from Juniper in a healthcare context, demonstrating the benefits of next-generation connectivity and collaboration within various healthcare environments, including command centers, hospital wards, General Practices (GPs) consultation rooms, care homes/patients’ homes, connected emergency services, and rehabilitation centers.

“In order to accelerate change in how healthcare is delivered, it is crucial that healthcare organizations come together and witness these transformational applications firsthand,” said Scott Lawrence, Group Vice President of Verizon Business in Europe. “This center has been developed to provide a dedicated space for professionals to see connected healthcare in action, and more importantly, work together as a community to build new applications and use cases. This collaboration will help revolutionize how healthcare is delivered.”

A dedicated collaboration hub within the space will stimulate the co-creation of technology concepts enabling partners to work together with the aim of creating innovative future solutions.

“The Connected Healthcare Center will enable collaboration between healthcare professionals and global technology partners to ideate & co-create new models of care for the future delivery of healthcare services, which we believe will benefit millions of patients worldwide.” said Alan Lowe, CEO, Visionable.

Demonstration zones will showcase the following:

  • Patient home / care home / virtual ward: Virtual wards that provide a digital end-to-end journey from remote patient monitoring to specialist patient support and patient-led peer-to-peer support.
  • Connected emergency services: Wearable technology to communicate with remote clinicians and the use of video, diagnostic and data feeds to quickly share information with specialist clinicians via a connected device in the responder vehicle.
  • General Practice surgery: Use of multi-screen, multi-feed, collaboration platforms in delivering informed collaborative patient / citizen care.
  • Hospital ward: The digitalization of care pathways for faster diagnosis and improved patient outcomes to Multidisciplinary teams (MDT) collaboration
  • Rehabilitation center: Enabling virtual group consultations between a care provider and a group of people/patients to support recovery post-discharge.


Making connected healthcare a reality

Verizon Business and Visionable joined forces to empower the next generation of healthcare. This strategic partnership brings together Verizon’s extensive secure network infrastructure and Visionable’s unique, patented-,next-generation digital healthcare collaboration platform, to form a single secure infrastructure that helps enable healthcare professionals to access data, collaborate and share resources.

This engagement is part of Verizon’s broader strategy to partner with enterprises, startups, universities, national labs, and government/military to explore how 5G can disrupt and transform nearly every industry.  Verizon is collaborating with several customers to establish 5G Innovation Hubs on-premises as part of an ongoing initiative to co-innovate and create new 5G applications.   

Verizon offers customers a variety of telehealth solutions across the globe. This includes BlueJeans Telehealth, which was purpose-built to simplify the virtual join and televisit experience and provides data-driven insights that can offer greater access to care, improve safety and extend the reach of services available. By mapping the user experience to clinical team workflows, the BlueJeans Telehealth platform helps replicate the experience of onsite patient interactions, while providing the flexibility of virtual health care.

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About the Event

On May 11th, guests were invited to celebrate the opening of the Visionable-Verizon Connected Healthcare Center, built in partnership with Juniper Networks and Capgemini. The impressive guest list consisted of senior NHS leaders and healthcare decision-makers, as well as representatives from the world’s leading technology firms, including Deloitte, PwC, Verizon, Capgemini, and Juniper Networks. 

The day included speeches from Visionable CEO and co-founder Alan Lowe, Visionable co-founder Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, Group Vice President of Verizon Business in Europe Scott Lawrence, and Verizon Managing Partner, Fred Walker. The speeches emphasised the purpose of the centre as a collaborative space for clinicians, healthcare professionals and technology organisations to work together to co-create solutions that will drive the future of healthcare delivery.  

A popular highlight of the day was a panel discussion between Lord Victor Adebowale CBE, Jenny Clarke, Alan Lowe, and stroke survivor Paul Mylrea. Paul discussed his experience of having a stroke and observed he would not have survived had it not been for the fact that he had his first stroke at UCLH (University College London Hospitals) Private Healthcare – an organisation involved with SameYou and Visionable to deliver care and support to stroke victims. Paul’s experience highlights the scale of the postcode lottery of care in the United Kingdom. 

Event photos

The full downloadable folder of professional photos can be found here:

Connected Healthcare Centre launch event – 11th May 2022 | Flickr