Enabling clinicians to bring their skills and expertise directly to patients and their families.

Secure virtual appointments, simplified.

An easy way for healthcare professionals and patients to meet virtually in a secure setting, with all the necessary records, diagnostics and imaging at the care providers’ fingertips.

One-to-one clinics

Regular monitoring at home.

Using Clinic, you can schedule one-to-one virtual video appointments and monitor the condition of your patients.

Community MDTs

Identify cases & agree
treatment plan

Clinic helps you to bring together experts from anywhere for community MDT meetings.

Group clinics

Long term peer-to-peer support

Set up long-term patient support groups using Clinic to deliver patient-friendly group video appointments.

Group clinics

Whether it’s education-focused, for peer support, or clinical monitoring, our technology can be used to facilitate group clinics.

Up to 15 patients can join the same call without the need to download an app. More than 15? No problem. You can add up to 60 participants if they join the call via the desktop application.

Build a sense of community

Facilitate peer support

Support long-term illness


Weight loss




Mental health


Physical rehabilitation





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Benefits of Clinic

  • Minimise unnecessary admin – user-friendly appointment manager makes scheduling appointments and drop-in sessions easy
  • Improved patient experience – no need to travel to an appointment – patients simply click a link to join the call
  • Reduce missed appointments – easy for patients to join from anywhere with no sign-up or app download necessary
  • Seamless video triage – patients can meet multiple specialists and transition through a pathway in one single appointment 

How it works

Clinical teams can create, join and manage virtual patient consultations in real time.

Virtual appointments are created on the Visionable platform (within app or browser) with the ability to set up one-to-one or group clinics

Patients simply join their private waiting room by clicking on a unique URL sent via email or SMS with no download necessary

Clinicians and patients can join the live video consultation from anywhere – using native resolution imaging and HD audio, alongside a chat tool to assist in communication

Clinicians can easily add specialists to the call as needed to speed up the patient pathway

Follow-up appointments can be quickly scheduled or repeated

Why choose Visionable?

  • Healthcare expertise – our team of healthcare specialists have deep knowledge of healthcare systems, processes and pain points and we’re constantly innovating to bring forward solutions to your challenges
  • Proprietary technology – we built our own product from the ground up so we’re not reliant on any third-party software
  • Affordable – our solutions are significantly more affordable than the current competitors in market so pricing is one less thing to worry about
  • Suite of solutions – alongside Clinic, we have products for multi-disciplinary teams and patient visits, so you can add to your platform access as required

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