Video Appointment Testimonial – Jackie – Parkinsons Service 

Video Appointment Testimonial – Patient: David 

Video Appointment testimonial – Natalie – italk service 

Visionable is so flexible that the software has also led to other types of use including; Fracture clinic, Club foot, Radiology for MDT involvement, HIV Viral loading and Cardiology.

Visionable redesigned existing software to accommodate the needs of the Trust, meaning families were able to attend their peadiatric appointments on time, thereby reducing missed appointments and saving the Trust money.

Visionable collaborated with the Trust to build software that enabled staff to invite and admit patients to appointments and consultations via a virtual waiting room as well as contact patients.

“Visionable has given us the opportunity to deliver high quality patient care by stroke specialists 24/7, even during Covid-19”.

Ruth Davies – Wirral University Teaching Hospital

Visionable software is secure and encrypted and will link each of its 132 prisons to local hospitals, allowing them to reduce the number of physical hospital visits made by prisoners.

“It’s free for patients to use which helps us challenge inequalities in accessing healthcare – particularly for those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged.”

Martin Sadler

Visionable is being used as a virtual platform for all cancer MDTs and cancer diagnosis treatment plans.

“To reach low income families and new young mothers with limited access, Visionable is also being utilized to allow home visits for safeguarding young children and to provide midwifery support for young mothers.”

Dr Deborah Cunningham

St Mary’s Hospital, London

“I thank you and all the Visionable team for the dedication you are putting into this project to make it a success and flagship for other stroke (and non-stroke) services up and down the country.”

Tony Bennet, Assistant Director of Strategy – Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital

“I think I was reluctant to set it up initially, but actually once I saw the benefits of it, it was very  useful.”

Dr Ian HodgkinsBuckfastleigh Medical Practice