New whitepaper published

We heard from clinicians, and perhaps most importantly from citizens – the people the NHS was set up to serve, about their views on the use of video platforms for healthcare.

Understanding clinical and public perceptions

As the world changed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, so too did the way healthcare services are delivered.

Suddenly faced with a need to urgently reconfigure in order to manage an unprecedented public health crisis, healthcare providers in the NHS were also abruptly left with little option but to find alternative ways to consult with each other and their patients when face to face contact in many cases became impractical.

Just before the Covid-19 outbreak hit the UK, Visionable commissioned research to gain an understanding of both clinical and public perceptions around the communications technologies available in healthcare.

But just as our findings were ready to be published, the world suddenly changed, and healthcare technology witnessed an extraordinary pace of adoption, the likes of which has never been seen.

To avoid our findings becoming a historical reflection on a world gone by, we commissioned a second wave to the research in May 2020. This second wave asked similar questions of a very similar demographic of citizens and healthcare professionals.


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