Virtual Consultations

Enabling clinicians to bring their skills and expertise directly to patients and their families.

Care designed by people. For people

Visionable’s Virtual Consultation Platform makes it easy for doctors and patients to meet virtually with all the necessary records, diagnostics and imaging at the care providers’ fingertips. The platform enables you to reduce travel, missed appointments and unnecessary admissions, while improving patient satisfaction levels and quality of life.


  • Flexibility and control over how you offer consultations
  • Offer services to patients out of hours
  • Conduct consultations from anywhere with connectivity
  • Save precious money and time on travel
  • Share resources and expertise across geographical boundaries.

How it works

Through the Virtual Consultation Platform, clinical teams can create, join and manage virtual patient consultations in real time.

For clinicians

  1. Join the waiting room – sign into our web-based virtual clinic with your secure Visionable credentials.
  2. Select your clinic
  3. View patients waiting to be seen in real time
  4. Choose a patient and open a live video consultation through the platform
  5. Invite other experts as needed

For patients

  1. Patients join the waiting room – no Visionable credentials necessary, they simply click through a unique URL via email or SMS
  2. Wait for you to join and start the appointment
  3. Enjoy a live video consultation from the comfort of their home
  4. Benefit from multiple experts in one session where necessary
  5. Simply close the session when finished

Virtual Consultation factsheet