Revolutionising brain injury recovery:
the SameYou & Visionable partnership

Almost 1 in 3 people

will face a brain injury or stroke

in their lifetime. 

More than 135 million globally

are living with the consequences of an Acquired Brain Injury. *

By 2025, numbers will double

of those living with a brain injury in ageing populations. †

Rebalancing the current inequality in recovery service provision

Despite these huge numbers, brain injury survivors have highlighted the lack of sufficient long-term holistic rehabilitation support. Post-acute recovery therapies and neuropsychological support make a huge difference to the quality of life of a survivor, yet there is a huge gap at this point in the stroke and brain injury care pathway.  

Watch Jenny Clarke (SameYou’s co-founder and CEO) and Visionable’s Victor Adebowale and Alan Lowe discuss the partnership and their vision for the future of brain injury recovery. 

The Visionable and SameYou partnership aims to rebalance the current inequality in recovery service provision and reprioritise neurorecovery care via four pillars of work:

Secure support for a full life

We vow to use this partnership to help survivors of ABIs to live full lives after hospitalisation. Using Visionable’s secure and trusted platform and SameYou’s specialism in brain injury, survivors can be supported with personalised assistance they can trust.

Breaking down barriers

An ABI affects the brain, body and mind. Currently in healthcare, focus is on the brain and body. But it is the mind that can revolutionise a survivor’s rehabilitation and quality of life. Together, we aim to assist survivors in the mental challenges of an ABI.

Research, education and experience

Our partnership ensures collaboration with neuro specialists and draws on the experience within the healthcare system to solidify a quality rehabilitation programme built on research and education.

Providing a voice to survivors

The success of our partnership and a quality rehabilitation programme relies on our understanding of the first-hand experience of survivors around the world. Together, we provide a platform and opportunity for survivors to have their voices heard.

The Visionable and SameYou partnership

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Survivor-centered support

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Collaboration with neuro specialists

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Aligned values in equitable healthcare

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Knowledge of healthcare systems

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Network of specialists and healthcare organisations

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Secure and trusted platform

Who are SameYou?

The charity SameYou was set up in 2019. Its founder, Emilia Clarke survived two life-threatening brain hemorrhages and a stroke in her twenties. She saw that she was not alone in finding recovery support very hard to find. 

Emilia, together with her mum, Jenny Clarke, began SameYou to work towards three goals:

  1. Take action to improve and increase access to neurorehabilitation
  2. Provide a platform so Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) survivors can have their needs heard.
  3. Act as a catalyst for change, working with the most innovative partners.
Orange and black logo that reads 'SameYou for brain injury recovery'
Young woman wearing a greay sweater comforts older woman wearing brown sweater by putting her arm round her shoulders in what appears to be a group setting.

They have built the foundations of a strong global community of survivors, carers, clinicians, and healthcare leaders.   

While they don’t deliver services themselves, they support peer groups and self-help communities 

SameYou’s mission is to show the need for transformational change. They use their global reach to give a voice to the millions of survivors and carers whose needs aren’t being met by rehabilitation services. 

SameYou hope to create transformational change through partnering with leaders in digital solutions designed with healthcare in mind.

Visionable has been working with the NHS for over 10 years to ensure stroke sufferers get the care they need when they need it.

* Seshadri, S. & Wold, P.A. Lifetime risk of stroke and dementia: current concepts, and estimates from the Framingham Study. Lancet Neurol. 6, 1106-1114 (2007)

† Stroke Association