Alan Lowe, CEO interview: A Video Collaboration Platform Designed For Healthcare

December 2nd, 2020

Designed by founders who have worked within the NHS and who continue to partner closely with NHS clinicians, Visionable has been created to develop fit-for-purpose digital care pathways and virtual care consultations. Full interview here.

Smart ambulances and wearables offer route to speedier treatments

November 24th, 2020

Service that improves treatment for patients on way to hospital to be introduced across UK after successful trial

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Tech dubbed ‘ambulance of the future’ gets cash boost

November 20th, 2020

British health tech firm Visionable has received £500,000 in new funds to further develop its 5G-based ambulance communications system.

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Visionable to connect prisons and hospitals across England

October 21st, 2020

Prisons across England are set to be virtually connected to local hospitals for health and care services through secure a video system.

NHS England and NHS Improvement have signed a deal with health tech company Visionable to allow prisoners to securely speak to consultants remotely.

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What if healthcare wasn’t a lottery, but about getting help when and where you need it?

September 7th, 2020

Visionable is the first video collaboration platform designed for healthcare team’s adept at handling the differing advanced clinical needs of the healthcare profession. Visonable was founded by Alan Lowe and Lord Victor Adebowale, CBE in 2015.

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Vision On—Why ‘Talking About Outcomes’ May Be The Best Way To Pitch New Technology To Britain’s NHS

August 27th, 2020

If you’ve tried making an appointment to see a GP over the last six months or so, it’s probably become apparent that we are living in the age of remote consultation. Rather than making a call to secure a ten-minute slot, it has become necessary to submit a list of symptoms and then perhaps talk to a doctor by phone or over a video link, before (perhaps) being invited along to the surgery. In the age of Covid-19, triage is the order of the day.

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The Health-Tech Podcast: The Story of Visionable, with Lord Adebowale August 21st, 2020

August 25th, 2020

Lord Victor Adebowale, chair and co-founder of Visionable, speaks to Dr James Somauroo, founder of healthtech agency SomX, about company values, how Visionable’s technology is transforming patient pathways, health equity and more. Listen to the podcast here.

Calling all job-seekers in UK; these 10 startups are hiring during COVID-slump

August 14th, 2020

As the world slowly recovers from the onslaught of the Coronavirus pandemic, cautious optimism prevails. However, things are not all that well in the UK in terms of its economy. Britain, on Wednesday, officially entered into recession as its GDP slumped by 20.4% in Quarter 2 (Apr to June) 2020 – the largest quarterly contraction in the UK economy since the quarterly records began in 1955. This is the second consecutive quarterly decline after the GDP fell by 2.2% in the previous quarter (Jan to Mar) 2020.

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New App Has Been Connecting Dying Covid-19 Patient With Their Families

August 9th, 2020

An app has been developed to help families and loved ones of those suffering with Covid-19 connect remotely, sometimes for the final time ever.

One of the most distressing things about the ongoing coronavirus crisis has been that people have been made to suffer alone due to the highly volatile and infectious nature of the virus.

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Fast and Furious Tech Adoption could Break NHS Services

August 3rd, 2020

Covid-19 has accelerated the NHS tech agenda – including a sharp rise in video consultations. But we now need to learn from this to realise a bigger opportunity to create sustainable and intelligent digital patient pathways based on evidence, writes Alan Lowe, chief executive at Visionable.

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Visionable partners with Bupa Cromwell Hospital

July 14th, 2020

Visionable and Bupa Cromwell Hospital have announced a partnership which will see Visionable’s video collaboration platform used to treat patients based in the UK and abroad during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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British technology start-up Visionable (billed as the ‘Zoom for medics’) is mulling a fundraising of up to £100m to support growth in UK and overseas

11 July 2020

A British technology start-up billed as the ‘Zoom for medics’ is mulling a fundraising of up to £100million to help support growth in the UK and overseas.

Visionable, chaired and co-founded by former NHS England board member Lord Victor Adebowale, has grown to 70 people since launching in 2015. Its advisers include Zoe Williams, resident doctor on ITV’s This Morning programme.

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Visionable secures £6 million Series A investment led by West Hill Capital

June 7th 2020


Capital raised to accelerate growth of rapidly expanding health technology company 

WiFi SPARK Works with Visionable to Connect Patients with their Loved ones

May 14 2020

Seven NHS Trusts are using technology developed by WiFi SPARK in response to an urgent request from leading NHS Trusts to find a way to connect hospital patients with their loved ones during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Seven NHS Trusts Deploy Technology to Connect Patients with their Loved Ones

May 13 2020

Seven NHS Trusts are using technology developed by WiFi SPARK in response to an urgent request from leading NHS Trusts to find a way to connect hospital patients with their loved ones during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Rachel Dunscombe Joins Visionable

03 April 2020
Rachel Dunscombe joined Visionable as its chief technology officer on Monday (30 March). Rachel is one of the best-known health tech leaders in the UK, as a result of her work with the NHS Digital Academy, the KLAS ARCH Collaborative, and Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. Read More…

Ex-Financial institution of America FinTech skilled joins Visionable board

March 2020

Healthcare video collaboration platform Visionable has appointed skilled Fintech innovator Janet Thomas to its board of administrators.

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LondonTech Week in Review


Visionable, the video collaboration platform for the healthcare industry, has raised £9.1M in funding led by West Hill Capital.

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How Connected Ambulances Could Revolutionize Patient Treatment And Reduce Hospital Numbers

Forbes, 18 Nov, 2019

…thanks to software from healthtech firm Visionable, she was put in front of a remote stroke specialist, diagnosed and received treatment immediately. The technology has since been implemented into a connected ambulance solution developed in partnership with telecoms giant O2..

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Tech startup raises over £9m to boost UK health service

Bdaily, 13 Nov 2019

Healthcare technology company Visionable has raised £9.1m following a 50 per cent oversubscribed funding round, valuing the company at £47.6m.

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Visionable: British startup founded by former NHS manager raises €10.5M funding

Silicon Canals, 12 November, 2019

Visionable, the healthcare technology company providing a single video collaboration platform that enables clinicians to deliver better patient care, has today announced it has raised £9.1 million (€10.5 million approx.), following a 50% oversubscribed funding round, valuing the company at £47.6m. The healthtech startup was co-founded by a former NHS manager Lord Victor Adebowale.

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London startup founded by NHS manager secures £9.1m injection

City A.M., 11 November 2019

Visionable, a healthtech startup co-founded by a former NHS manager and independent peer Lord Victor Adebowale, has today revealed its series A funding round at £9.1m.

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HealthTech video platform Visionable raises £9.1m

BusinessCloud, 11 November 2019

HealthTech firm Visionable has announced it has raised £9.1m, following a 50 per cent oversubscribed funding round, valuing the company at £47.6m.

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Visionable raises £9.1m growth funding

UKTN, 12 November 2019

Visionable, the healthcare technology company providing a single video collaboration platform that enables clinicians to deliver better patient care, has today announced it has raised £9.1m, following a 50% oversubscribed funding round.

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How an NHS trust is using video conferencing to improve patient care

New Statesman, 25 October 2019

Mike Bone is the chief information officer for West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, which is one of the 12 global digital exemplars (GDEs) across the country – meaning it has already ahead of many other trusts in terms of technological and digital change.

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Smart ambulance adds 5G to video collaboration

AV Magazine, 18 September 2019

Video collaboration software company Visionable is taking part in the trial of a smart ambulance that simulates 5G connectivity to turn the vehicle into a remote consultation room.

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O2 and Samsung to work on 5G connected ambulances for NHS

The Telegraph, 16 September 2019

O2, the mobile phone giant, is set to begin testing “smart ambulances” equipped with next generation 5G technology later this month in a deal with Samsung and the NHS.

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Only Clinician First Solutions will Meaningfully Improve the Patient Experience

The Journal of mHealth, 6 August 2019

Healthcare professionals are committed to helping any patient who comes through the doors. ‘Patient experience’ and efforts to improve it come up in conversation all the time, but this is no simple task. In an effort to get to the heart of the issue, initiatives often focus on the patient. Yet putting clinicians first is more likely to deliver results.

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How the Internet of Medical Things is set to revolutionise healthcare

IDG Connect, 17 July 2019

Like many other industries, healthcare is looking to revolutionise itself with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT). Connected devices can transform the sector in myriad ways, from speeding up diagnosis and improving doctor-patient communication through to saving costs and freeing healthcare professionals to focus on the most important aspects of patient care. As Alan Lowe, CEO of Visionable points out, it also enables improved access to healthcare…

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The NHS needs to plan for today, not 10 years into the future

City A.M., 4 July 2019

The NHS was built with one key purpose: to address social inequality by making the best healthcare available to everyone. For years, that aim has driven technological innovations that power better provision of care…

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Analysing Visionable’s virtual methods to support clinicians in improving stroke treatment

NS Medical Devices, 25 June 2019

By providing a virtual treatment method for stroke patients, Visionable helps clinicians across NHS organisations save thousands of lives…

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How 5G can revolutionise healthcare

Raconteur, 24 May 2019

For all the transformative and life-saving benefits that 5G has to offer, a number of obstacles stand in the way of the NHS capitalising on the technology…

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