A video platform like no other

Video collaboration is by no means a new concept and it is here to stay for the foreseeable future. There are a range of platforms available for healthcare professionals to use, so what sets Visionable apart from the rest?

We are unique in our approach to transforming healthcare systems because of where we started. Working within the NHS, we saw first-hand how technology could be used to improve clinical care, making it more accessible and equitable for patients. Through our distinctive technology and experienced team we transform clinical pathways and provide trusted advice based on an inside knowledge of how health systems work.


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One platform for all your needs 

From doctor-patient consultations, to multidisciplinary team meetings, and end-of-life connections, Visionable can do it all. You don’t need multiple platforms or software.

Compatible with various devices and web browsers 

You can use Visionable on smartphone, laptop, tablet, or even on older computer hardware that is used in some NHS Trusts. You can also use it on any up-to-date web browser and don’t need to download any additional plug-ins for any of the features, like screen-sharing.

A UK-based, in-house support team 

Our tech and customer support teams have extensive knowledge about Visionable, ensuring you get the best possible support when you need it. 

Trusted Partner 

We are always willing to go the extra mile and you can be guaranteed that we will do everything possible to tackle any problems or challenges that you face.

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