Connected Emergency Services solution

Connecting those at the scene of an emergency with remote specialist clinical support.

Visionable’s Connected Emergency Services solution enables faster diagnosis and treatment by bringing in the right people and information at the optimum time, regardless of location.

The Connected Emergency Services solution is an integrated solution to facilitate enhanced patient triage and treatment by connecting the right people at the right time with the right information.

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Connected health in action

Designed specifically to enhance patient care, Visionable’s collaboration technology not only connects first responders and emergency vehicles with remote clinical support during critical emergencies, but also supports sharing of patient information, medical device data and live video feeds simultaneously.

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1. When an incident occurs

“See what I see” technology that connects those at the scene of an emergency to share live video feeds with remote specialists to facilitate collaborative decision making, getting patients the right care faster.

2. First responders at scene

With the click of a button, Visionable’s central platform, the Collaboration Hub, can be used to facilitate scene sharing, data integration and virtual user interaction to allow informed collaborative decisions to be made by the right people at the right time.

3. In the

Connected Vehicles can share and receive medical device information, patient care records and live video feeds with remote specialists for a full 360 view of the patients health.

Benefits of Connected Emergency Services solution

Quicker onsite patient diagnosis

Accessible care regardless of location

Access to remote specialists

Reduction in unnecessary conveyances to A&E

Cost saving with quicker diagnosis

Speedier hospital handover

Increased workforce efficiency