Connected Emergency Services solution

Connecting those at the scene of an emergency with remote support

Visionable’s Connected Emergency Services solution brings together the right people, information and live video feeds simultaneously, at the optimum time, regardless of location.

Supporting ambulance services

The Connected Emergency Services solution is an integrated solution to facilitate enhanced patient triage and treatment by connecting first responders and emergency vehicles with remote clinical support during critical emergencies.

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How it works

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1. When an incident occurs

“See what I see” technology that connects those at the scene of an emergency to share live video feeds with remote specialists to facilitate collaborative decision making, getting patients the right care faster.

2. First responders at scene

With the click of a button, Visionable’s central platform, the Collaboration Hub, can be used to facilitate scene sharing, data integration and virtual user interaction to allow informed collaborative decisions to be made by the right people at the right time.

3. In the

Connected Vehicles can share and receive medical device information, patient care records and live video feeds with remote specialists for a full 360 view of the patients health.

The next evolution of firefighting

Our Connected Emergency Services solution supports fire services by helping to keep teams safe and informed so they can respond to emergencies faster.

Prevent and protect

Educating and engaging with the community to prevent fires has never been more critical. Virtual safeguarding, audits and follow-ups mean you can encourage best practice to help prevent fires from starting.


Getting eyes on the scene through footage from the public, bodycams, drones, and shared building schematics or maps of the area provides a full 360-degree visual of the incident to enable an efficient and effective emergency response. 


Coordinating a thorough recovery effort to return the scene to normality requires communication with your whole team, wherever they are. Secure Multi-Agency conferencing and data sharing from any location enables collaboration across the whole team, regardless of location. 

Benefits of Connected Emergency Services solution

Quicker onsite patient diagnosis

Accessible emergency care regardless of location

Access to remote support

Reduction in unnecessary conveyances to A&E

Connect and live stream from any device direct to appliance

Cost saving with quicker response, diagnosis, and recovery

Speedier hospital handover

Increased workforce efficiency

Your whole team on any device