Connected Emergency Services

Connecting patients with critical care and expertise in an emergency.

Reimagining healthcare for an increasingly
digitally connected future

Visionable’s Connected Emergency Services Solution speeds up diagnosis and treatment by bringing in the right people and information at the optimum time, regardless of location.


Connected health in action

Designed specifically to enhance patient care, Visionable’s collaboration technology can be used to connect first responders and emergency vehicles to remote specialists who can then share patient information, medical device data and live video feeds.

The technology

Connected app

Anyone who is at the incident can talk to specialists via an app to triage a patient at the scene.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology can be worn by a first responder that displays ‘see what I see’ video to remote specialists.

Collaboration Hub

This central platform can be used to facilitate scene sharing, data integration and virtual user interaction to help make informed collaborative decisions.

Connected Vehicles

5G and/or satellite connectivity provide nationwide coverage to allow emergency services to connect in-vehicle video and medical devices and make collaborative decisions with specialists not at the scene.


1. When an




‘See what I see’ technology that connects those at the scene of an emergency to share live video feeds with specialists located elsewhere including a connected app and wearable technology.


2. When a




Visionable’s central platform, the Collaboration Hub, can be used to facilitate scene sharing, data integration and virtual user interaction to allow informed collaborative decisions to be made by the right people at the right time.


3. In the 

the ambulance


For ultimate connectivity using 5G and satellite technology, Connected Vehicles can share and receive medical device information, care records and live video feeds with remote specialists, giving a full 360 view of the patient.

Benefits of Connected Emergency Services Solution

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Quicker onsite patient diagnosis

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Accessible care regardless of location

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Access to remote specialists

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Reduction in unnecessary conveyances to A&E

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Cost saving with quicker diagnosis

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Speedier hospital handover

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Increased workforce efficiency