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Keeping friends and families together, even when they’re miles apart

Since March last year, the world has come together to combat Covid-19, and Visionable’s virtual visiting technology went a little way in helping you stay connected during a time when most of us were kept apart. Connect ensures regular interactions between families can take place when in-person visits are not possible.

What is Connect?

Connect is a secure and trusted video platform that ensures healthcare professionals, patients and family members can stay connected during hospital stays through virtual visiting.


video calls
using Connect


Patients, family & healthcare professionals connected


hours using Connect

Benefits of Connect

  • Safe and secure –  unlike other providers in market, no personal details are stored or shared when using any device
  • Stay connected during critical times – it gives patients and care home residents the opportunity to be with their loved ones whilst unwell or at the end of life 
  • Easy to connect – No download necessary – simply enter the phone number/email and the recipients receives a message to connect right away 
  • Simple to implement – little set up required, simply join by web browser on your existing hardware for a quick and secure connection 
  • Available to all – Connect ensures all patients can receive virtual hospital visits once given access to a smart device, regardless of if they have their own
  • Secure access ­– Accessible to all employees to use on any of their devices

How it works

1. Open Connect

Simply open the link on a browser and hit ‘continue’ to get started. No sign-in necessary.

2. Choose who to call

The patient or care home resident can choose to send the invite to a mobile phone number or email address.

3. Send the invite

We’ll invite friends or relatives and let them know when the patient or care home resident is ready to talk.

4. Join the call

Once we’ve connected everyone to the call, the patient or care home resident joins.

5. End the call

Either side can end the call using the red button.

Hear from our customers using Connect

More cheerfully, our nurses say that when patients on our elderly wards make calls you can hear kids shouting with excitement because they are able to see their grandparents for the first time in weeks.

– David Walliker, Chief Digital and Partnerships Officer at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

Read more about Oxford University Hospital’s experience using Connect here.

Tried and tested by NHS Trusts including: