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Collaborator is a secure and trusted healthcare virtual meeting tool that provides clinical staff the ability to connect and collaborate from anywhere.

Collaborator is a secure and trusted healthcare virtual meeting tool that provides clinical staff the ability to connect and collaborate from anywhere. 

Clinicians can host and attend complex collaborations by sharing multiple feeds from multiple medical devices between teams, helping to make informed patient decisions.  

Why Visionable?

Improve processes & patient outcomes

High-quality audio and imaging with the ability to connect medical devices allows instant access to the same information for all attendees.

Increase efficiency with simple-to-use virtual meeting platform

Simple design makes it easy for anyone and everyone to easily join a call, share their screen, and have more effective clinical discussions

Save time and money

Unlimited participants can join Collaborator from anywhere on any device and the need to travel between locations is reduced. The possibilities for collaborations across the globe are realised.

Visionable is so flexible that the software has also led to other types of use including; Fracture clinic, Club foot, Radiology for MDT involvement, HIV Viral loading and Cardiology.

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Visionable is being used as a virtual platform for all cancer MDTs and cancer diagnosis treatment plans.

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Simple & user-friendly

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Unlimited participants

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Use on any device

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High-quality resolution

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High-quality audio

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Connect to medical devices

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Zoom for detailed view

Collaborator packages

Visionable provides a full solution for your MDT meetings, with hardware and software packages that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Here are our example standard room and large room packages:

Included in the package Standard room Large room
8" touch panel that links everything together to make it easy and simple to turn all equipment on at once
Pre-settings for various MDTs to avoid needing to meet
3 x 65" screen displays
2 x front-of-house speakers mounted above the screen
8 x ceiling speakers mounted at sitting eye level
PTZ camera mounted at sitting eye level to capture audience
Floor to wall mounts have been included to take the pressure off the plasterboard walls
2 x pendant ceiling microphones strategically positioned with the room (4 microphones built within and a pick-up range of 2 metres)
1 x steerable ceiling microphones (8 microphones built within and a pick up range of 6 metres)
Installation, delivery and 12-month support contract

Case study: Better Clinical Decisions Through Innovative Communication


North West London Cancer Network (NWLCN) hospitals treat thousands of patients each year, across a variety of cancer pathways – including head and neck, breast, urology and lung cancer. Throughout the 10 hospitals in the network, clinicians regularly gather in Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings…