Building the future of digital health

Delivering a secure real-time clinical collaboration platform
with high availability

Visionable has been leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver a secure and high-available clinical collaboration platform for healthcare. 

AWS has been a critical partner in the successful delivery of remote healthcare services in the NHS, HMPPS and beyond.

Our work so far

Full-stack digital health platform

We have been evolving to a full-stack digital healthcare platform and AWS plays a significant role in quickly delivering our roadmap via the innovative services delivered through their cloud.

  • Industry-leading security and best practices from AWS Cognito in securing our applications and services.
  • Scale our service globally as we grow.
  • AWS gateway ensures our APIs are protected, secure, and observable.
  • Serverless for our APIs for on-demand costing and scale-out.
  • RDS provides us with a fully redundant Postgres database service.
  • Cloudfront and S3 allow for us to provide highly available web client and portal sites.
  • EC2 gives us the ability to migrate non-cloud native services and auto-scale easily.
  • AWS MQ provides application messaging for things like conferencing moderator controls etc.
  • AWS quick sight allows observability and usage reporting.
  • Email and SMS application notifications and conference invites are provided by AWS services.

Looking forward

Accelerating the delivery of key features

  • IoT for medical device monitoring
  • AI/ML for data insights and preventative alerting
  • Time-serialised reporting on usage
  • Transcription and translation of meetings and telehealth visits

Case studies

Learn more about how Visionable and AWS can transform your health care delivery