Our reason for being

Today, half the world lacks access to essential health services, and the systems that support the other half are under ever-increasing stress.

At Visionable, we know that a person’s ability to get the care they need depends largely on their circumstances. Who they are. Where they live. And in many places, whether they’re able to pay.

We believe this is fundamentally wrong. We believe that affordable, high-quality, timely healthcare is a basic human right. And to make care equitable and fair, it needs to be accessible to all.

When hospitals can travel to patients, and healthcare teams can collaborate freely across multiple locations, healthcare as we know it will be transformed.

Connected healthcare is the future, and we work closely with teams across the UK – and around the world – to make it the new reality for all of us.

Our Team

Alan Lowe

CEO & Founder

Lord Victor Adebowale, CBE

Chair & Co-Founder

Donna Holt


Jon Swanson

Chief Scientific Officer

Rachel Dunscombe


Janet Thomas

Non-Executive Director

Richard Pursey

Non-Executive Director

Dr Junaid Bajwa

Non-Executive Director

Dr Zoe Wiliams


Mike Farrar CBE, FRCP, FRCGP, MD

Rachel Murphy


Our Partners


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