Introducing Visionable

Alan Lowe

Our new venture

We started with a simple but powerful idea: remove barriers and give people the power to come together to solve their communities’ most challenging problems. Today I’m excited to share that we’re launching as Visionable.

Visionable is a video collaboration platform with unparalleled clinical capabilities, designed especially for healthcare. Already in use in hospitals and trusts throughout the NHS, Visionable seamlessly connects clinicians to each other, and helps them better care for patients. So everyone has access to the best care, whenever and wherever they need it. No matter what.

I know our technology can facilitate this at even greater scale – because we’re already proving it.

Our journey

Last Thursday, we gathered with many of those who’ve been a part of our journey ‘til now. We reflected on how far we’ve come, celebrated our successes, and shared our vision for a future. We envision a world where every clinician is empowered to best serve every patient – whether it’s at a routine consultation in their home, or the scene of an emergency call. Lord Victor Adebowale, our chairman and co-founder, discussed our vision for building a better scaled means for communication, that's better for relationships, better for teams, and ultimately - and most importantly - better for patient care.

We were honoured to have several of our customers speak about their experiences, sharing their stories of how Visionable has made a difference to patients and clinicians in the NHS. Visionable has already enabled ground-breaking work in treating stroke patients, helping to save thousands of lives. And improved how clinicians collaborate and treat cancer patients. We’re so proud of the role Visionable has played in helping to bring the NHS to patients.

René Schuster, our non-exec Director of the Board, spoke about the true potential of the Visionable platform in digital health, and the possibilities moving forward, with emerging technologies helping to shape a new future for healthcare. Partnerships and technological advancements will open new possibilities for patient care, and Visionable is ready to help drive that shift. Now.

The future

As we’ve grown, we’ve cemented our belief that the NHS and its employees are ready for technologies that are aligned to the health service’s core values. They’ve got the experience, skills and passion to build what’s needed – they just need the tools. We’re here to work closely with them to help them create new ways of working, designed by the NHS – with a focus on the people they serve at the center.

We’re grateful for everyone that’s been on the journey with us so far, and today marks just the beginning of the next phase for Visionable. Whilst other talk, we do. The benefits our customers have seen are just the start of what we can do for the NHS, and we can’t wait to show you what’s next.

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