5 pain points of prison healthcare and how to solve them

A metal prison fence is in the foregournd with a beautiful sunset behind the fence in the distance.

Quality healthcare for prisoners and in prisons presents a myriad of challenges. But which pain points could be solved today through the use of technology? In this blog, we explore the problems clinicians, prison staff and prisoners commonly experience and how those problems can be solved using technology already being used by HMPPS. 5 issues in prison healthcare and how to […]

Visionable: A year in review

Year blocks being turned for a year in review.

It’s been quite the year for healthcare, and Visionable has been there to pivot and support our healthcare heroes through this tumultuous time. Visionable provided healthcare workers with a safe and secure way of having complex collaborations, even when clinicians couldn’t be in the same room. We also acted on the newly presented need for […]

Top tips for choosing an online medical video conferencing tool

Healthcare workers conduct an MDT meeting using a blend of medical video conferencing and in person

When it comes to choosing an online medical video conferencing tool that meets all the needs of your healthcare team, there are some essential factors that must be considered. Medical professionals and those that provide the tools for professionals to use in healthcare must understand the significant difference between public-facing and private telemedicine platforms designed […]