Visionable: A year in review

Year blocks being turned for a year in review.

It’s been quite the year for healthcare, and Visionable has been there to pivot and support our healthcare heroes through this tumultuous time. Visionable provided healthcare workers with a safe and secure way of having complex collaborations, even when clinicians couldn’t be in the same room. We also acted on the newly presented need for […]

Maintaining the momentum of digital adoption 12 top tips from a top NHS leader

Patient attending online consultation with doctor on tablet

Mike Farrar CBE is a former chief executive of the NHS Confederation and a highly experienced, very senior manager in the NHS. He recently participated in a Visionable round table on the future of digital technology in healthcare. In this blog, he sets out his insights into the opportunities and challenges ahead.   The big challenge that we face is how to build on the digital adoption that we saw […]

Visionable Round Table: How to maintain health tech momentum

Doctor working on digital tablet

No going back? Visionable round table discusses how to maintain health tech momentum Visionable organised a round table to give NHS digital leaders the opportunity to discuss some recent developments in health and care and what they mean for technology. Visionable advisors Rachel Dunscombe and Andy Kinnear outline some of the big issues that were […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: spot the symptoms

3 women wearing pink, stand with their arms folded sporting the pink Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an international campaign organised by major breast cancer charities in order to raise awareness of the disease and to raise money for research, support, treatment and cures. It is also a good opportunity to take time to get to know the symptoms of breast cancer and how to perform a […]

Goodbye summer, hello autumn!

Autumn has arrived! The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Now, usually around this time of year, whilst we’re sad to say goodbye to the warm, sun filled days and chilled, laid back evenings, many of us find comfort in the spiced pumpkin scents of October and the mulled aromas and […]